Mr. Either/Or is "a unique work of art" (With Love for Books)


Review by Suze


In Mr Either/Or an FBI agent with a double identity as a student is involved in dealing with dangerous mythological artifacts, gang wars, bloody fights and battles with aliens. He's constantly under threat and tumult is always looking for him. However, there's an intriguing art historian who's often by his side. Therefore he must have the time for romance, while simultaneously trying to uncover evil plots against him and the people living in his city.


Mr. Either/Or is a story in verse. It's brilliantly written with beautiful sentences, rhythm and fantastic original words. The story is a thriller with science fiction elements, it's poetry noir in its best form. It's a fast-paced adrenaline rush filled with chaos, intrigues, combat, shootings, destruction and more. This combined with the stunning literary style Aaron Poochigian writes in makes the book a unique work of art. I was blown away by his style, his eloquence and his impressive sense of timing.


Mr. Either/Or is versatile. The story is gripping, often dark and sometimes filled with humor. Aaron Poochigian has written a masterly book. It has many different facets that all come together in a terrific way. There's tension, mythology, love, plenty of blood, espionage and much more and everything works incredibly well together. It takes a lot of skill to pull that off. Mr. Either/Or is an excellent read, it's entertaining, intelligent, inventive and smooth. It's a story to enjoy over and over again and I highly recommend it.




If you love verse and like a challenge Mr. Either/Or would be a great choice


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