Mr. Either/Or

Mr. Either/Or - a novel in verse by Aaron Poochigian

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Mr. Either/Or

— a novel in verse by Aaron Poochigian

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A novel in verse by Aaron Poochigian, now available for order from IndieBound or from Amazon.


Mr. Either/Or is "a unique work of art" (With Love for Books)


Review by Suze


In Mr Either/Or an FBI agent with a double identity as a student is involved in dealing with dangerous mythological artifacts, gang wars, bloody fights and battles with aliens. He's constantly under threat and tumult is always looking for him. However, there's an intriguing art historian who's often by his side. Therefore he must have the time for romance, while simultaneously trying to uncover evil plots against him and the people living in his city.


Columbia U. School of the Arts on "Mr. Either/Or"

Aaron Poochigian '16 publishes novel in verse

September 28, 2017

Etruscan Press recently published a novel by Aaron Poochigian '16.


A novel in verse, Mr. Either/Or blends American mythology, noir thriller and classical epic into “gritty rhythms, foreboding overtones, and groovy jams” that lends it a surreal air.


The 184-page novel has already received accolades from readers.